Voter Initiative

Make your Vote Count!

The 15th Amendment was passed in 1869 this amendment gave black men the right to vote.  After the passing of that amendment other obstacles were put in the path of voting.  Obstacles like poll taxes, and literacy test.  Sometime later with the passing of the 19th amendment, women were given the right to vote.  The 24th amendment was passed in 1964 to remove literacy test, poll taxes and other voting obstacles. 

With all of these advancements and changes to the voting rights there is still about 1/3 of Americans do not vote nationally and the percentage is even higher for non-voters in local elections. 

Change starts with your Vote!

There are many reasons for this fact, but in order to demand change you must make your voice be heard.

To date, The JFCLF has assisted over 20,000 residents register to vote as well as get to the polls to cast their votes.

Don't lose your right to vote, USE your right to vote!

Even if you think your vote does not matter, because millions of others vote, and your vote may get lost in the sea of millions.   Every vote counts.  You cannot expect change if you do not show up and cast your vote.